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Revolt was one of the first brands in India to launch an electric two-wheeler. They had two models, RV300 and RV400, in their lineup. The Indian electric two-wheeler brand launched these bikes back in 2019, and they were adopted by many customers as well. They are now commonly used by bike taxi and food delivery partners. Here, we have a video where a customer who owns a Revolt RV300 electric motorcycle shares his experience with the bike after riding it for over 1 lakh kms.

The video has been uploaded by Dekho EV on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger speaks to a customer who has been using the Revolt RV300 motorcycle since 2019. The owner mentions that he uses the RV300 as a bike taxi in the city. He bought the motorcycle back in 2019 and has since covered over 1 lakh kms. When he bought the bike, the entry-level RV300 was priced at Rs 88,000. He opted for the EMI option offered by the company. He paid Rs 3,000 every month, and in the end, he paid around Rs 1.25 lakh for the bike. He mentions that the bike has been working fine for him and he is extremely happy with it.

Revolt RV300 ownership reviewHe starts talking about the overall experience then. When he bought this bike in 2019, there weren’t many brands available in the market that offered an electric bike. He was using a Honda Unicorn before this, and it was not proving to be very economical with all the servicing and rising fuel costs. After he bought the Revolt 300, he immediately saved around Rs 5,000 every month, which he had to spend on the service and fuel costs of the Unicorn. As he is living in Delhi, he doesn’t have to pay anything for the electricity. Technically, he is using the motorcycle for free. He mentions that he has already earned the money that he spent to buy the bike, and the bike is returning him profits only. He uses the bike mostly in normal mode and very rarely…

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