PC classics Ultima, SimCity and Myst have been added to the World Video Game Hall of Fame | Gaming

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Deep in my heart I know that Hall of Fame-type accolades are largely just a way of dressing up a way of marketing your awards show/museum/whatever, but I also like to occasionally cast away the cynic in me and imagine a world in which this industry’s most important games and creators are rightly recognised, celebrated and preserved rather than being locked away in the vault of billion-dollar companies and left to rot. Imagine!

Anyway, I’m particularly fond of the Hall of Fames curated by New York-based “museum of play” The Strong, partly because I think they tend to choose genuinely interesting picks from amongst video games, tabletop games and toys – and partly because I respect the fact they will induct things like “sand” (yes, just sand), sidewalk chalk, the stick and the humble cardboard box (for being the plaything of children, not for its appearances in Metal Gear Solid, alas) alongside commercial products like Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, Wii Sports and Tetris.

This year’s video game additions were whittled down from a list of a dozen finalists…

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