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After its debut in the Pixel 6 series, Peak Design’s “Everyday Case” has been one of our favorites for Google’s smartphones, with its stellar quality and mounting options, but there’s always been one complaint – the color. While gray is a good, neutral option, it’s always nice to have a splash of color, and that’s exactly what Peak Design has delivered with its Pixel 8 cases.

Peak Design Everyday Case for Pixel 8

What you should know

The Everyday Case for the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro is a fabric-backed case designed with adding functionality in mind rather than solely protection. Using magnets in a similar arrangement to Apple’s MagSafe, Peak’s case allows Pixel 8 owners to mount their phones to magnetic accessories, including wireless chargers and more. And in our experience, Peak’s magnets are some of the strongest you’ll find.

But what makes this case stand out for mounting, especially as more and more MagSafe-compatible cases have hit the market for Pixel phones, is the SlimLink mounting system that’s exclusive to Peak Design.

This system uses a rear mounting notch to connect the case to an accessory in a much more secure way than you’d get with magnets alone. Peak mainly recommends this mounting method with camera gear, such as its tripod mount, but it’s arguably even more useful for high-activity areas, such as the bike mount. (By the way, this mount works on really any pole. It fits well on my disc golf cart, but beware – the screw is easy to strip). This special clip is super easy to mount, but it requires you to press a button on the back to release the device, which makes it much more secure than MagSafe-style magnets.

Peak also offers a handful of magnet-only accessories, such as its wallet, which is by far my favorite magnetic wallet.

But we don’t want to repeat ourselves too much. At its core, Peak Design’s Everyday Case for Pixel 8 is the same case that was available…

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