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(NewsNation) — After months of anticipation, a Pentagon report poured cold water over the idea that we might not be alone in the universe. A new report claims there is no evidence the U.S. government has ever encountered alien life and says most reported UFOs are actually misidentified ordinary objects.

The All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, or AARO, is the Pentagon office tasked with investigating reports of unidentified objects. It met with members of the media to present the finding.

While many legacy media organizations were invited, NewsNation was not allowed to attend, but NewsNation’s Brian Entin obtained a transcript of the briefing.

The Pentagon continues to say that after an in-depth investigation, there is no secret crash retrieval program, as alleged by whistleblower David Grusch.

One new piece of information in the report was a new system called “Gremlin,” which AARO calls a deployable surveillance system it has been developing for the past year, a configurable sensor suite that can be used in UAP cases.

Essentially, it can be deployed quickly when there are reports of a UFO or something unidentified, with sensors to gather information in the air, space or even underwater.

However, not everyone is buying the government’s report.

People in the UFO community, including insiders in government, say that even those at high levels of government don’t know about the alleged secret crash program. Therefore, AARO would not have been able to find the information to confirm its existence.

Others question how in-depth the report can be given the relatively quick amount of time it took to put it together. Additionally, in the transcript, officials were pressed about…

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