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Serial leaker Steve ‘OnLeaks’ Hemmerstoffer recently posted apparent renders showing off the Pixel 9. This meant that the two earlier devices he leaked were actually the Pixel 9 Pro and the Pixel 9 Pro XL.

In other words, we could be looking at three Pixel 9 series flagships coming later this year. This would be in line with our own leaked roadmap from 2022, which found that Google would introduce a smaller Pixel 9 Pro.

This is nevertheless a major shakeup to Google’s high-end phone line, which has long stuck with two models maximum. But it turns out that polled Android Authority readers really like the idea of a three-tier Pixel flagship family.

Are three Pixel flagships better than two?

Roughly 62% of polled readers said three Pixel 9 flagships were indeed better than two. It looks like one of the main driving factors for this result is that people want a pocket-friendly phone that still delivers Pro-level features. In fact, a couple of comments specifically pointed to the telephoto camera.

User linuxsensei was one of these readers:

“I definitely look forward to the Pixel 9, as I would like the telephoto without a bigger size.”

“Have had no interest in either the smaller Pixels without optical telephoto or phablet slabs over 6 inches,” user albin noted, adding that a small but “full spec” Pixel 9 Pro would be in the running to replace their current handset.

This general desire for a compact Pro device was echoed by several other readers across the site too. In fact, reader Warren Skipper noted that he was still using the Pixel 5 as he’s still waiting for a Pixel Pro experience without a “bulky”…

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