Pepper Grinder review: short, sweet and incredibly neat | Gaming.

Pepper Grinder is one of those games that has so many great moments in it that recounting them would almost feel unfair to anyone hoping to play it. There are feats of platforming prowess on show here that should really be experienced fresh and unsullied by rudimentary descriptions of them, because to say anymore would be to spoil the surprise. This feels doubly important when the game itself is so fleeting in length, its brief and dizzying journey through the dirt, magma, ice and marshy bogs of this strange, treasure-stuffed island coming to a swift conclusion in just over three and a half hours. It left me wanting more the moment the credits rolled, but deep down I know it’s also perfectly formed just the way it is. Rather than outstay its welcome, Pepper Grinder shows up, performs its party trick, then gets the hell out of the way, leaving you to bask in the warm glow of a good game well done.

In fact, describing Pepper Grinder as a platformer is already underselling it. This isn’t so much a game about jumping between ledges as it is about grasping your drill and holding on for dear life as it tears through the world around you. Solid ground means (mostly) nothing to heroine Pepper and her trusty grinder, as the bulk of your time is spent boring through said ledges – as well as clearly…

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