Perfect Dark Reboot Could Give Me The One Thing I Thought Xbox Never Would | Gaming


  • The Perfect Dark reboot takes on immersive sim elements, offering dynamic gameplay options.
  • After the closure of Arkane Austin, a new immersive sim is a surprise.
  • If Perfect Dark is as good as it looks, it could be both immediately engaging and highly replayable.

I didn’t go into the 2024 Summer Game Fest weekend thinking about the Perfect Dark reboot, but after the Xbox Games Showcase on Sunday, it might be the thing I’m most excited about. Up until this point, Perfect Dark‘s return hadn’t exactly looked promising, with reports of troubled development clouding several years of radio silence since its initial reveal. I’m also not someone who tends to be particularly enticed by remakes and remasters, even if it had seemed like Perfect Dark was going along swimmingly.

If the Perfect Dark reboot was being approached as a generally straightforward update, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t be easy to pull off. Like GoldenEye 007, the preceding FPS…


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