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Mournstead stands ever parallel, luring all would-be adventurers who seek righteous glory. The vast and sprawling world of Lords of the Fallen beckons for exploration – from the ascending cliff face of Pilgrim’s Perch to the ever-burning city of Calrath. As you venture into the rich world of Lords of the Fallen, you will uncover that each major environment is interconnected with at least two others, offering freedom to forge your own path. Be warned – as the lamp-bearer, take great caution when you embark on your journey, for it will be perilous, fraught with unspeakable dangers. Those who bargain with their life can uncover a realm teeming with untold treasures.

Master Fast, Challenging Combat

Fight and survive the ravaging legions of Adyr, or crumble and succumb to the pits of despair, your legend will be defined by how you approach combat in Lords of the Fallen. Devastating standard attacks are not your only outlet for damage. To aid you on your quest to vanquish the darkness, seamless interweaving of melee, magic, and ranged abilities will become your greatest ally. Take advantage of the ability to map up to four additional magic or ranged skills to your controller, granting you immediate access to a vast array of combat options. This system not only enhances combat variety, enabling you to string together an almost endless number of combos, but it also accelerates the pace of battle, eliminating the need to constantly swap out abilities. With this arsenal at your fingertips, you stand ready to decimate all who stand before you.

Unite or Fight in Online Multiplayer

Devastation lies in wait for those who fail to challenge the horrors of this world, however, help is always at hand for humble warriors who set aside…

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