Phil Spencer Confirms More Xbox Games Are Coming to Other Platforms | Gaming

Xbox chief Phil Spencer has confirmed that more Xbox games will be available on other platforms in the future.

It’s been a wild past few months for Xbox, with rumors of its first-party games coming to other platforms. First, rumors started to swirl that one, then two, and eventually, all of Xbox’s first-party games would be coming to other platforms. After weeks of rumors seemingly increasing the scope of this change in strategy, Xbox finally addressed the rumors in a business podcast. After confirming that four games would jump ship to other platforms, Phil Spencer said this was “not a change to our fundamental exclusive strategy.” But just a few months later, that strategy has seemingly been flipped on its head.

During a new IGN First interview, Spencer again addressed the neverending rumors, but with a completely different answer from the first time. “You are going to see more of our games on more platforms, and we just see that as a…


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