Potential power and pitfalls of harnessing artificial intelligence for sleep medicine | Science & Technology

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In a new research commentary, the Artificial Intelligence in Sleep Medicine Committee of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine highlights how artificial intelligence stands on the threshold of making monumental contributions to the field of sleep medicine. Through a strategic analysis, the committee examined advancements in AI within sleep medicine and spotlighted its potential in revolutionizing care in three critical areas: clinical applications, lifestyle management, and population health. The committee also reviewed barriers and challenges associated with using AI-enabled technologies.

“AI is disrupting all areas of medicine, and the future of sleep medicine is poised at a transformational crossroad,” said lead author Dr. Anuja Bandyopadhyay, chair of the Artificial Intelligence in Sleep Medicine Committee. “This commentary outlines the powerful potential and challenges for sleep medicine physicians to be aware of as they begin leveraging AI to deliver precise, personalized patient care and enhance preventive health strategies on a larger scale while ensuring its ethical deployment.”

According to the authors, AI has potential uses in the sleep field in three key areas

Source www.sciencedaily.com

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