Promising Possible Universal Cancer Treatment | News World

Two years ago, Nextbigfuture highlighted Maia Biotechnology, which might have the most promising treatment for all cancers.

Brian Wang interviewed Antiaging expert Aubrey de Grey. Aubrey told Nextbigfuture that his favorite company and approach for a broadly applicable treatment for cancer is at Maia Biotechnology.

He calls THIO “by far the most promising universal anti-cancer drug ever brought to the market”

Maia is using a telomere approach. THIO is a potentially first-in-class small molecule that is the only direct telomere targeting agent currently in clinical development. Telomerase is present in over 85% of human cancers and contributes significantly to the proliferation and reproductive immortality of cancer cells. THIO’s in vitro activity has been studied in models of several tumor types with active telomerase.


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