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Or, how I went all-in on info density. The Pixel Watch 2 introduces six new watch faces, and here’s how I would rank them from worst to best:

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6. Adventure

I wanted to like this pseudo G-Shock watch face, but nope. It has too many unnecessary flourishes that just clutter the screen and make the display feel small. The Digital Arcs layout has four perimeter complications and two circular slots, while you get the day and date as a line in the middle. “DIGITAL MODE” appears at the center, which mercifully disappears on the AOD as it’s completely pointless and is my least liked addition. The Digital layout just shows the two circle complications.

Analog Minimal, with its sharp hour and minute hands, just shows the day and date. Analog Max has four circular complications, and Analog Arcs adds the perimeter ones. You have eight complications here, while day/date technically make it nine.

5. Large Scale

This rather simple face has four layouts to it. Just Time is basically Android’s two-line lockscreen clock, with Stacked Time adding a large complication to the right. Circular puts the slot underneath a single-line clock, while Linear is the day, date, and time.

4. Rotation

There are two key design traits behind this analog watch face. The day and date appear in the minute and hour hands, respectively. Meanwhile, every time the second hand passes over a numeral the hour animates in. I’m not too crazy about that particular aspect, nor do I see the utility, but I like Rotation because it naturally and seamlessly adds information to a conventional clock design.

Layout options include Minimal with nothing but the hands, while Indices add in the hour markers. Max will throw in four circular…

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