Raycon The Magic Power Bank 5-in-1 Review: My New Favorite Portable Charger | Technology

I’m picky when it comes to portable chargers. There are plenty of power banks out there with built-in cables and wall plugs, but in a crowded market, it takes a lot more than a 10,000-mAh capacity to catch my eye. That’s why I was shocked that Raycon’s Magic Power Bank not only did everything I ever wanted but also some things I didn’t know I could want from a portable battery. And then I discovered the built-in phone stand.

This power bank’s 10,000-mAh capacity is enough to charge your phone around two times. It also has two charging cables built in—one USB-C and one Lightning cable for older iPhones and Apple devices. Additionally, it has two USB ports (one USB-A and one USB-C) on the front where you can connect additional cables.

Raycon calls this a 5-in-1 power bank, but you might’ve noticed those cables and ports only account for four charging options. The fifth sits atop the power bank: a MagSafe-compatible 15-watt wireless charging pad. While only certain iPhones

Source www.wired.com

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