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It’s been a while since I played a game as effortlessly cool as Underdogs. This VR mech-fighting game has you pilot a giant mechanical gorilla, pummelling robots and human-controlled mechs with arms the length of lorries in grungy, trap-filled arenas. The combat alone is chest-thumpingly good, but Underdogs couples it with a fantastically evocative cyberpunk setting, and a smartly implemented rogue-like structure.

Before the show kicks off proper, a quick preamble from the pundits. This is the first VR game I’ve played using Valve’s new(ish) Steam Link feature, and speaking as a Quest user, it does a far better job of letting you play Steam VR games wirelessly than Oculus Air Link does. For starters, you no longer need to load up the Oculus App before Steam VR, reducing the number of menu overlays you need to work through from three to two.

Moreover, the experience Steam Link offers is much smoother and more stable than Air Link. The last few games I played with Air Link constantly devolved into an unplayable slideshow, while checking any menu threatened to crash the game entirely. Switching to Steam Link was paddling a canoe across a pond after dragging the thing over two miles of rocks. Steam Link does require you to download the app onto your Oculus headset, but that’s a small inconvenience for the improved experience it offers.

Right, onto the main event. In the red corner, we have Rigg and his younger…

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