Report: Microsoft is considering bringing its flagship Xbox IP to PlayStation for the first time | Gaming

What you need to know

  • Xbox has recently started to bring some of its home-grown exclusives like Grounded and Sea of Thieves to competing console platform PlayStation. 
  • Microsoft has previously noted that only four of its games are coming across, but has generally declined to prevent speculation that they’ll move to release more than those four.
  • Speculation runs rampant about which games, if any, could eventually make the leap. However, a report today suggests that Microsoft is “considering” breaking the seal on Halo itself, which has long been regarded as Xbox’s flagship IP. 
  • We’ve asked Microsoft to comment. 

Microsoft has a big Xbox Games Showcase 2024 event coming up this Sunday, and rumors and speculation about what could be in the show are running rife. I corroborated a recent report that the next DOOM will be at the Xbox showcase, alongside the news that it will be also coming to PlayStation, despite now being owned by Xbox. 

Indeed, a lot of the discourse about Xbox of late…


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