Rockstar Delights Fans: Bully, LA Noire Added To GTA+ Library, Anticipates ‘Big’ Summer Update For GTA Online | Gaming

Take-Two Interactive Software Inc‘s TTWO Rockstar Games revealed its plans to expand the “Games Included With GTA+” library later in 2024 by adding Bully and LA Noire. The announcement hints at the possibility of additional classic Rockstar titles joining the collection.

Bully, originally released in 2006, is a beloved open-world game developed by Rockstar Vancouver. While a sequel was once in development, it never materialized. Recent leaks suggested elements of Bully 2 will be incorporated into other Rockstar games like Red Dead Redemption 2.

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LA Noire, developed by Team Bondi and released in 2011, is set in 1947 Los Angeles. Despite fan demand for a sequel, Team Bondi is no longer active.

Rockstar also teased a new supercar to be included in an upcoming “big” GTA Online update this summer, which will be available as part of the GTA+ Membership.

Moreover, the video game publisher unveiled a bonus for GTA+ Members: “From April through August, all GTA+ Members will receive an extra bonus of GTA$1,000,000 every month — delivered alongside their usual GTA$500,000 upon billing and deposited automatically into their Maze Bank account.”

Amidst these announcements, anticipation for GTA 6 is building…

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