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Roku has plans to put video ads on the home screen, the company confirmed in a recent earnings call.

Ads have become a huge part of virtually every smart TV platform at this point, but how they show up varies from platform to platform. Roku, for the most part, has stuck to static ads that appear throughout the UI and apps. However, Roku has now confirmed plans to bring video ads to the home screen.

In its latest earnings call, Roku CEO Anthony Wood revealed that the platform will soon start showing video ads on the home screen, which The Streamable compares to Amazon’s full-screen, auto-playing video ads which rolled out last year. However, the experience may be a bit less intrusive.

The full quote, as shared by Cord Cutters News, says:

“But to give you some examples of the kinds of things we’re looking at on the home screen, on the home screen today, there’s the premier video app we called the Marquee and that traditionally has been a static ad. We’re going to add video to that ad. So that will be the first video ad in that we add to the home screen. That will be a big change for us.

We’re also testing other types of video ad units,…”


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