Russian Power Companies, IT Firms, and Govt Agencies Hit by Decoy Dog Trojan | Cybersecurity

Jun 04, 2024. Newsroom Cyber Attack / Malware.

Russian organizations are at the receiving end of cyber attacks that have been found to deliver a Windows version of a malware called Decoy Dog.

Cybersecurity company Positive Technologies is tracking the activity cluster under the name Operation Lahat, attributing it to an advanced persistent threat (APT) group called HellHounds.

“The Hellhounds group compromises organizations they select and gain a foothold on their networks, remaining undetected for years,” security researchers Aleksandr Grigorian and Stanislav Pyzhov said. “In doing so, the group leverages primary compromise vectors, from vulnerable web services to trusted relationships.”

HellHounds was first documented by the firm in late November 2023 following the compromise of an unnamed power company with the Decoy Dog trojan. It’s confirmed to have compromised 48 victims in Russia to date, including IT companies, governments, space industry firms, and telecom…


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