Sabre Working with Google to Develop an AI-Driven Technology Platform

Sabre is working with Google to develop an Artificial

Intelligence (AI)-driven technology platform.

Known as Sabre Travel AI, the platform is
infused with Google’s state-of-the-art AI technology and advanced
machine-learning capabilities that will help customers to deliver
highly relevant and personalized content more quickly, deliver
personalized content that better meets the demands of today’s
traveler, and create expanded revenue and margin growth

The GDS will also integrate Sabre Travel AI into
certain products in its existing portfolio, with plans to bring
those to market in early 2021.

“Sabre Travel AI is a game-changer. We are proud to be working with Google to build
technologies that will seek to redefine the way travel companies
do business, and turn the insights derived from analyses into
repeatable, scalable operations. The development of Sabre Travel
AI marks a milestone in our technology transformation and a
a significant step toward achieving our 2025 vision of personalized
retailing,” said Sundar Narasimhan, president of Sabre Labs. “With
the creation of Sabre Travel AI, we are rebuilding our platform on
cloud-native, data-driven technology that can be integrated into
the existing and future products that Sabre offers. We are
combining Google Cloud’s infrastructure, AI, and machine learning
capabilities with Sabre’s deep travel domain knowledge to create,
not next, but third-generation solutions that we believe are
smarter, faster, and more cost-effective – a first-of-its-kind in

Sabre Travel AI capitalizes on Google
Cloud AI solutions and automated machine learning tools that
sense, analyze, and predict consumer behaviors – using real-time
shopping information and sophisticated travel-specific business

The technology
enables airlines, agencies, corporations, hoteliers, and other
travel partners to take their retailing and digital customer
experience strategies to the next level.

Beyond retailing, customers will be able to power
distribution strategies across all channels with the same unified
approach and even deploy these Travel AI-powered solutions in
airports or mobile apps to better serve the traveler.

In the future, Sabre expects its customers to be able to seamlessly integrate
their own proprietary solutions within the system. Sabre Travel AI
will provide access to cloud-based, advanced technology tools to
help prepare and store data sets, augment them with customer
proprietary or other third-party databases, rapidly test and learn
with experimentation frameworks, develop and deploy proprietary
machine-learning models, understand model performance, and quickly
optimize and deploy new solutions in a scalable environment.

has said that its strategic partners, like Google, will not
have the right to access or use any of the company’s or its
customer’s data. How that data resides in Google Cloud is managed
by Sabre.

“Since the inception
of our strategic relationship with Sabre, one of our goals has
been to bring together the talent and technology of both our
companies to create the future of travel,” said Rob Enslin,
president of Google Cloud. “Sabre Travel AI perfectly represents
Google Cloud’s strategic vision to partner deeply with thought
leaders in industry verticals to utilize Google Cloud’s innovative
technologies to transform and create industry firsts. Today’s announcement is what we hope will be the first of many concepts
generated from our partnership.”

its partnership with Google, Sabre plans to continue to innovate
using the new power source of Sabre Travel AI and launch more new
retailing capabilities in the market beginning in early 2021.

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