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That is to say, Sam Altman did a pretty good job at Dev Day. He wasn’t as boring as a lot of the keynote speakers who drone on and on during their companies’ respective annual conferences. He also isn’t quite as awkward as a lot of the other tech titans who stiffly narrate the tepid updates from their corporate journeys as if any deviation from the script might cause them to suffer an aneurysm. He just knows how to stand on a stage and announce a bunch of stuff and not be completely and utterly boring. Well done, Sam.

Surely Altman really wants the exalted status of being the next legendary tech messiah—a status that really hasn’t been filled since Jobs died, to much global outcry, in 2011. To do that, he’ll probably need to beef up OpenAI’s marketing department, since a lot of Jobs’ mythos seems to have been derived from an active marketing of the executive himself, not just the products he was selling.

On that note, if OpenAI isn’t exactly Apple circa 2007, it’s definitely trying to be. If the tech startup has all the current cultural relevance that Apple did in its early days, one thing it hasn’t quite figured out how to do is to make consumers fall in love with its product. ChatGPT is weird and, in some cases, useful. But it isn’t beautiful or paradigm-shifting in the way that the earlier iPods and iPhones were. This week, at Dev Day, the company rolled out a bevy of new products and features, obviously trying to stir up more enthusiasm from its real customers—not the public at large, but businesses, who stand…

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