Sanctuary AI Humanoid Robotics Partners With Microsoft | Science & Technology

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Sanctuary AI and Microsoft will work together to bolster AI research and development and Sanctuary AI will leverage Microsoft’s Azure cloud resources for their AI workloads.

SanctuaryAI is among the humandoid robotics companies that have partnered with Nvidia. Among the nine companies on stage with Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang had the SanctuaryAI bot at the center beside Jensen.

SanctuaryAI has their new seventh generation humanoid bot.

Building on the foundation of Large Language Models (LLMs), Sanctuary AI is making progress towards Large Behavior Models (LBMs) that ground AI in the physical world by enabling systems to understand and learn from real world experience. Sanctuary AI is taking advantage of these models for Carbon™, the AI control system for its Phoenix robots. Carbon is designed to enable the robot it controls to do complex tasks, due to its foundation of high quality behavioral data. Sanctuary AI will take advantage of Microsoft Azure infrastructure for training, inference, networking, and storage.

SanctuaryAI is targeting the $30 trillion global labor market.

SanctuaryAI CEO Geordie Rose has an interview with Herbert Ong. The company has a deal to put…


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