Sarcos Pivots to Robotics AI Software Near-Term Opportunity | Robotics


-AI Software Platform to be Launched by mid-2024; Leverages Years of Sarcos R&D and Recent Momentum from U.S. Department of Defense Contract Wins.
-Reduction in Force to Align Resources with AI Focus.

Sarcos Technology and Robotics Corporation (“Sarcos”) (NASDAQ: STRC and STRCW), a leader in advanced robotic technology designed to increase the intelligence, efficiency, capability and productivity of advanced robotic systems through applied autonomy, today announced that it is pivoting its business to focus on the larger, near-term opportunity of its robotic artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) software platform.

“The underlying power of what Sarcos offers is in the software we have developed over many years,” said Laura Peterson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sarcos. “After continued extensive analysis of our business that led to a deeper understanding of the risks and work necessary to bring our robotic systems to market, we determined that our AI software platform offers the greatest risk-adjusted revenue opportunity for the company in the near- and mid-term. We believe that our AI software platform will enable, for the majority of the industrial robots being sold around the world, a dramatic reduction in robotic training times while also making industrial robots far more agile, meaning they can perform more tasks with greater variability similar to how humans can perform a wide variety of tasks. In our lab environment and in simulations, we have trained commercially available robotic arms to do simple tasks in minutes.

“Our DNA is robotics, which gives us a unique and valuable perspective on how to use software to tackle the challenges associated with training and managing industrial robots in complex and dynamic environments. With the large number of robotic systems throughout the world and a product that we believe is unlike anything else currently available, we see a broad addressable market and an opportunity to build…

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