Saugus school board discusses future of gender-specific events  | News World

Emotions ran high at Tuesday’s Saugus Union High School District governing board meeting as board members, district officials and attendees discussed how best to approach gender-specific events. 

The issue arose when Mountainview Elementary School parents learned that they would no longer be allowed to have events specifically centered around fathers and daughters, or mothers and sons.  

According to Superintendent Colleen Hawkins, the direction from the district, which works in partnerships with the Parent Teacher Associations at each school, or a similarly named organization, is to have non-discriminatory events. In other words, dances or go-kart events, two of the events that were talked of most frequently on Tuesday, can still be held, but they must have gender-neutral names that make all students and families feel welcome. 

More than 30 parents were in attendance on Tuesday, with most in support of keeping the gender-specific events — and to name them as such —…


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