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If you’re striking out while online dating, you might want to see if your profile shows off your interests—and wants—in the best way possible.

A study by researchers Isabella D’Ottone and Gabrielle Pfund, and Patrick Hill, associate professor of psychological and brain sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, found that online dating profiles that clearly portrayed the user’s sense of purpose were the most sought after by those looking for a romantic partner.

The study was built off Pfund’s initial research findings that people with a higher sense of purpose had more positive romantic relationship outcomes and longevity. D’Ottone’s interests came more from the initial start of relationships. 

“We were curious if there was any relationship between being interested in individuals who have a high sense of purpose,” says D’Ottone, who is a laboratory manager at the University of Miami.

“If this is a variable that is creating positive qualities between people while in relationships, there’s a potential that it’s something people seek out in a partner,” she continued.

Their findings are less about helping singles find love, though, and more about what dating apps can do to benefit their users.

“Dating app developers might…

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