Smiths Detection Integrates CTX 9800 DSi with Tote-Based Baggage System at SFO

Smiths Detection has integrated its CTX 9800 DSi

an explosive detection system (EDS) with a new tote-based Baggage
Handling System (BHS) in Terminal 1 at the San Francisco Airport

The project marks the first use of a
tote-based baggage handling system in the US.

In a tote-based BHS, every checked bag is placed
in an individual-controlled tray or ‘tote’ equipped with an RFID
chip to track and monitor each bag throughout the baggage handling

Tote-based BHS offers more reliable bag handling, helping

airports to reduce mistracked baggage while improving aviation
security screening measures.

A tote-based baggage handling system integrated
with EDS also minimizes the need for operators to handle goods in
the Checked Baggage Reconciliation Area and lowers
cross-contamination between operators and bags. Plus, it gives
airports the option to have an early bag storage system to further
enhance their passengers’ experience.

Shan Hood, President of SDI, said, “We have gained
expertise by working with a broad range of baggage handling system
companies. That expertise, combined with the talent of our
engineering and service teams allow Smiths Detection to
consistently deliver integration projects on-time, and on-budget,
no matter where in the world.”

Already in operation in airports throughout
Canada, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, Smiths Detection is the only EDS manufacturer to
achieve TSA in-tote baggage certification for use within the US

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