South China Sea: Philippine admiral’s scandal sparks concerns about Chinese military exchanges, security threats | News World

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Following a request from senators to abort the programme – which was raised after a lawmaker noted “with alarm” that some military officers up for promotion had studied in China – the armed forces’ Chief of Staff Romeo Brawner Jnr said in August the military was no longer sending officers to China.

However, he revealed that the discontinued programme was the product of a memorandum of understanding signed between Beijing and Manila in 2004 and noted that many other countries had similar initiatives with China, including other members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

He also said the point of the programme was to learn best practices from other countries’ militaries to see what could be applied to theirs.

Carlos is on leave from his post as chief of the navy’s Western Command, which guards Palawan and the country’s maritime interests in the West Philippine Sea – Manila’s term for the section of the South China Sea that defines its maritime territory and includes its exclusive economic zone.

Carlos is the most senior Philippine military officer to have once studied in China. In 2008, he took a general staff course at People’s Liberation Army (Navy)…


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