SpaceX Staff Erupt in Cheers as Starship Flap Keeps Functioning Even While Burning Up, Pieces Flying Off | News World

“The little flap that could.”

Flappy Bird

SpaceX’s turbulent Starship launch on Thursday shook the space exploration community to its core.

The company’s gargantuan spacecraft and Super Heavy booster roared to life at SpaceX’s South Texas testing facilities, releasing a star-shaped cloud of fire and smoke.

While Super Heavy’s return to Earth saw the rocket successfully slowing its descent right up until it toppled into the ocean, Starship had a far rockier return to the surface after surviving a picture-perfect journey through outer space.

Dramatic footage shows one of the vehicle’s two flaps bearing the brunt of the plasma generated by its plummet through the atmosphere, slicing away Starship’s heat shield tiles and insulation.

Miraculously, the flap endured the brutal conditions — jumping into life to flip the colossal rocket for its “soft” landing in the Indian Ocean just over an hour into its mission. As exterior camera footage came back online after a brief outage, SpaceX staff…


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