Spanish Air Force Takes Delivery of First NH90 Helicopter

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NHIndustries has delivered the first NH90 to the
Spanish Air Force.

The Spanish Air Force will receive 12 NH90s
intended to replace its aging fleet of AS332 Super Pumas.

The helicopters, which will give the Air Force’s search and rescue
(SAR) and combat search and rescue (CSAR) mission capabilities a
significant boost will be based in Cuatro Vientos, near Madrid.


Spain has ordered 45 NH90s in the tactical transport version, to be operated by
the three Armed Forces. Thirteen helicopters have already been delivered
to the Spanish Army Airmobile Force (FAMET) for the Maneuver III
Battalion in Agoncillo.

Javier Salto, General of the Air
Force, said, “For the Spanish Air Force, the NH90
provides an essential asset capable of performing a wide range of
missions, including tactical transport of troops and logistics
support in peacekeeping or reconstruction missions and, of course,
the main search and rescue missions in hostile conditions, which is
one of the most demanding and complex missions for helicopter

The Spanish variant of the NH90 features
next-generation General Electric CT7 8F5 engines, a personalized
communications system and a sophisticated electronic warfare
system developed by Indra and will be supported by training
devices (including full flight simulators), automatic maintenance
equipment (SAMe), and automatic mission planning system (AMPS)
developed as well by Indra.

NHIndustries produce the NH90 in
partnership with Airbus Helicopters, Leonardo, and Fokker.

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