Spilled! is PowerWash Simulator’s oceangoing cousin, and just as chilled | Gaming

I’ve been scouring Steam Next Fest demos specifically for something laid back, and Spilled! – despite sounding like the title of a musical about upturned milk – has delivered nicely. It’s a light and breezy ocean cleanup game that has you sailing a cute lil’ boat around polluted seas, cleansing oil patches and scooping up plastic bottles. Even if it doesn’t have the every-last-speck detailing of PowerWash Simulator or Viscera Cleanup Detail, it satisfies in very similar ways, and I would very much like to get back out on the water whenever the full game is complete.

Spilled! technically operates on a cash-for-gunk system: returning any collected waste to a stationary mothership will reward you with coins, which can then be spent on improving your own boat’s speed, oil carrying capacity, and scoop size. Ultimately, though, these upgrades are optional, your only real task being the collection of those pollutants in the first instance. Plus the occasional rescue of gooed-up…

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