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In a realm of science where most shy away from delving into the inexplicable, Dr. Shirley Jean Wright PhD (8/19/1929 – 7/1/2015) stands as an anomaly. Not just any scientist, Wright had the extraordinary privilege of working with Albert Einstein during his early academic years. His story takes us far beyond the realm of nuclear chemistry into something truly otherworldly: an encounter with extraterrestrial beings.

Working with Einstein: An Unforgettable Experience

In his youth, Wright had the unparalleled opportunity to work with none other than Albert Einstein. The experience was part of a summer program in nuclear chemistry. Sponsored either by the government or a university grant—Wright isn’t quite sure anymore—this program aimed to gather the country’s brightest minds. Here, he was a “special student” under the mentorship of Einstein, a position that could make any academic career. But the mystique of Dr. Wright’s narrative doesn’t end with the chalk and spectacles of the university classroom.

A High-Stakes Security Clearance

Wright once had a security clearance, although he can’t remember the specific name or classification. The clearance allowed him access to top-secret information, but what was most intriguing was that he never felt the need for such a high level of clearance afterward. Even though he published papers with esteemed bodies like the National Academy of Science, he never again entered the world of classified information. That is, except for one unforgettable experience that transcends the normal boundaries of science.

Contact: Not of This World

Dr. Wright recalls an extraordinary event where he was somehow involved in the contact with extraterrestrial beings from the Roswell Incident. The beings, nine in total, were unlike anything known to humanity. They had enormous eyes, almost brown-black, and lacked noticeable pupils. Their…

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