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How do you meaningfully add to a game that’s been in players’ hands for five years? In the case of State of Decay 2, you throw a curveball. This new update, coming to players for free on September 18, is a landmark moment for the game – not just offering a swathe of new content for the game’s most dedicated players and newcomers alike, but marking a new era in State of Decay 2’s development through the work of Wushu Studios.

Wushu, from Liverpool, England, will continue providing support to State of Decay 2 as much of original studio Undead Labs transitions to work on the next entry in the series – but where you might expect that support to be incremental, Wushu is making a very big splash. Curveball is a major update, touching almost every element of the game, and designed to consistently offer brand new challenges, even to those who have been playing State of Decay 2 since release.

Available after the fifth in-game day, curveballs can change the world around your settlement in some very interesting ways. Housed in a new menu, curveballs will periodically appear – each with their own narrative attached – offering new objectives, rewards, enemy types and much more. Curveballs can be positive (like finding increased loot) or negative (like buffing regular zombies in multiple ways); they can be timed or objective based; they can affect enemies, your survivors, or other NPCs. Effectively, any element of the game you may have gotten comfortable with can, and often will, change.

“We basically wanted to address the feedback that over time the game became a bit repetitive relatively quickly,” Undead Labs’ Meg Chaney and Eric Anderson tell me, “so we wanted to introduce something that would shake things up and keep the game changing as players spend more time with the game.”

“For experienced players, the later stages of State of Decay 2 can get a little predictable,” adds Wushu’s John Hollingworth. “That’s why we…

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