Steven Yeun’s MCU Role May Be The Sentry | Technology


Last year, Marvel revealed it had a movie in the works for the Thunderbolts, a team of villains and antiheroes trying to redeem themselves. While the main cast consists of MCU mainstays like Sebastian Stan’s Winter Soldier and relative newcomers in Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova and Wyatt Russell’s John Walker, the film also has some new additions in The Bear’s Ayo Edebiri and Invincible’s Steven Yeun.

In the comics, The Sentry—created by Paul Jenkins, Jae Lee, and Rick Veitch—first appeared in his own titular comic in September 2000. Originally an ordinary middle-aged dude named Robert Reynolds, he gradually remembers his former life as a superhero with “the power of one million exploding suns.” Upon learning about the potential return of his nemesis the Void, Reynolds gets back into fighting shape and crosses paths with several Marvel characters in order to find out why and how no one remembers him. He later discovers the Void is his other half, and that he previously wiped all memory of the Sentry from the entire world to make sure he wouldn’t reunite with himself.

Sentry has popped in and out of Marvel comics over the years, and when he shows up, it’s…

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