Stray Gods will get a whole story DLC focused on Anthony Rapp’s Orpheus | Gaming

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Last year’s Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical is getting story-focused DLC in the form of Stray Gods: Orpheus, which will star the titular mythical bard rather than base game protagonist Grace. Coming back to earth for a new story, Orpheus will once again be played by Anthony Rapp, the American actor and singer best known for his performance in the original run of the musical Rent, the film version of the same show, and most recently (and to most of you, my fellow nerds) in Star Trek: Discovery.

Stray Gods: Orpheus will focus on the “finished” story of Orpheus after the original game, as Hermes returns him to the world of the living and is able to make choices free of the influence of the Fates. It’ll have six new original songs where, much like in the original, your story choices change the flow of lyrics and music mid-song.


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