Streets of Fortuna is a chaotic The Sims-like in an ambitious open-world city sandbox, made with the help of Dwarf Fortress creators | Gaming

For me, sandbox games are never better when there’s an inherent chaos about to erupt at any given second. In a literal sandbox that might be anything from a kid burying a freshly-laid turd like a mischievous cat ready to be stepped on by an unsuspecting trespasser, gathering handfuls of grit to lob in a another kids’ eyes or swallowing a bunch of sand (hopefully turd-free) in pursuit of alchemising diamonds in their stomach. There don’t seem to be turds of any kind in upcoming sandbox RPG Streets of Fortuna, but that’s about the only thing that this ambitious “megasim” appears to be missing in its sprawling go-anywhere, do-anything open world.

Streets of Fortuna sets the player loose into an original historical-ish city inspired by Constantinople around 500 AD. After that, it’s up to the player what they do – there’s no class or job system to speak of, a la The Sims, but you can improve in specific individual skills that might help you become, say, a blacksmith, or cook, or trader, or priest, or thief. Or instead of seeking a vocation or crafting goods, you could simply try to shag your way around the city or do whatever else you need to do to…


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