Study Finds That Cardiac Arrest Frequently Occurs After Consuming Energy Drink | News World

A cautionary new study from doctors at the Mayo Clinic shows that for folks with arrhythmia, instances of life-threatening cardiac arrest and energy drink consumption often go hand-in-hand.

The study, published this week in the journal Heart Rhythms, analyzed the medical records of 144 survivors of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) with arrhythmias — in short, heartbeat irregularities related to misfiring electrical signals in the body — who were treated at Mayo’s Heart Rhythm Clinic. Combing through these records, the doctors then identified which patients had consumed an energy beverage before experiencing their potentially deadly cardiac events.

It’s a fairly small group, but the study results are nothing to bat an eye at. Of these 144 survivors, seven patients — six of them women, fascinatingly — with varying kinds of arrhythmia “experienced an unexplained SCA associated temporally with energy drink…


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