Summertime Depression Could Be a Type of Seasonal Affective Disorder | Technology & Science

Has the heat got you down? You’re probably not alone.

Wintertime—with its long, dark nights—is the season most associated with low mood and depression. But sun-filled summer days can also bring on the doldrums, particularly for the subset of people who experience a summertime version of seasonal affective disorder (SAD)—a type of depression with a periodic pattern. Those with a lesser-known and lesser-studied summer SAD variant may feel “out of sync with the rest of the world” because they experience depression just as summer breaks and pool party invites pick up, says Thomas Wehr, a psychiatrist and scientist emeritus at the National Institutes of Health.

Depression can occur any time of year, but some research indicates that the warmer months can be particularly challenging for certain people. A growing number of studies indicate links between body temperature and depression, and high outside temperatures have been linked to mood and mental health crises. The prevalence…


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