Sunshine spurs spending: Investors bet big on sunny days | News World

It’s often said we can’t control the weather. But what if the weather controls how and when we invest our money? More specifically, what if the skies control how much we’re willing to gamble in the stock market?

New research by the University of South Australia has found a connection between pleasant weather conditions and higher investment in lottery-like stocks.

Lottery-like stocks are cheap compared to other stocks and, like lottery tickets, they can be seen as an opportunity to make a substantial gain. However, the chance of a higher return is minimal, and it’s therefore considered a high-risk investment. A study by UniSA finance researchers discovered that when the weather is sunny and skies are blue, investors are more likely to engage in these types of investments.

Dr Reza Bradrania, Senior Lecturer of Finance and member of UniSA’s Centre for Markets, Values and Inclusion, says studies in psychology have shown that weather has a significant effect on human moods and…


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