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  • Demon Slayer: Sweep the Board just launched on Nintendo Switch, but it’s already shedding its exclusivity.
  • Weekly Shonen Jump revealed that it’s coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC on July 17.
  • Sweep the Board is essentially a Mario Party clone with unique Demon Slayer twists, which makes it a nice surprise to see coming to consoles other than the Switch.

Demon Slayer: Sweep the Board, a Mario Party clone that just released on Nintendo Switch last month, isn’t an exclusive after all as it’s coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC on July 17.

Typically, when a new anime gaming adaptation gets announced, it’s an arena fighter that’s, more often than not, hastily put together to capitalize on the anime’s success. I’m looking at you, Jujutsu Kaisen: Cursed Clash and My Hero One’s Justice. However, every now and again, an anime game has the chance to surprise audiences by doing something different.

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That’s where Demon Slayer: Sweep the Board comes in. Originally released on the Nintendo Switch in late April,…

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