NASA Astronaut Heard Rumor of Being Abandoned in Space From His Wife

Honey… Left Behind It turns out that a March rumor that the Russians might abandon an American astronaut aboard the ISS made its way to the astronaut in question in a…

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The World’s First Space Tourist That NASA Doesn’t Want You To Know About | by Marie Kester | May, 2022

NASA hasn’t changed much or has it? Dennis Tito (left) with space crew on the ISS, Image Source Contrary to popular belief, space tourism is not new. In fact, it’s…

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NASA expert details on space farming; answers what astronauts would eat on Moon & Mars

Space farming would be an extremely important aspect of establishing a sustained human presence beyond the low-Earth orbit (LEO), on the Moon and Mars for starters. To make that happen,…

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Lake County News,California – Space News: NASA, partners offer global view of environmental changes

NASA, ESA, and JAXA have created a tri-agency dashboard that combines their resources, technical knowledge and expertise to strengthen our global understanding of the changing environment and its economic effects….

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Boeing’s Starliner Docks With Space Station for NASA

A couple of years later than had been hoped, Boeing’s Starliner space taxi arrived at the International Space Station on Friday evening. There were no astronauts inside for this trip,…

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NASA Funds Company to Develop Technologies to Produce 3D Printed Nanocarbon-infused Metals in Space – Parabolic Arc

by Douglas MessierManaging Editor NASA is funding a company to develop technology capable of 3D printing nanocarbon-infused metals in space for use in advanced electronics. NASA selected Faraday Technology of…

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To solve Biggest Space Mystery ever, NASA deploys Hubble Space Telescope

Completing its 30 years of service, the NASA Hubble Space Telescope will now take on the biggest unsolved mystery of the space – measuring the universe’s expansion rate The NASA…

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NASA finds more than 1,000 unknown asteroids hiding in old Hubble photos of space | Science | News

Astronomers used a sophisticated combination of human and artificial intelligence to unearth 1701 new asteroid trails in archival data of the Hubble Space Telescope spanning the past 20 years. The…

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NASA’s Lucy asteroid probe will watch the Super Flower Blood Moon eclipse from deep space

Like a flashlight beam penetrating the dark, the moon’s reflected sunlight will blink on and off during a lunar eclipse just visible by an asteroid-bound spacecraft. A NASA spacecraft called…

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NASA’s Lucy spacecraft to observe partial lunar eclipse on May 16 from deep space

NASA’s Lucy spacecraft, which launched last October to study Jupiter’s trojan asteroids, will be our eyes and ears for the upcoming lunar eclipse. The celestial event will occur on May…

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NASA working on problems with Space Launch System rocket

NASA has shared more information about its ongoing work on its new Space Launch System rocket, and the issues that arose in three previous tests. The issues, which NASA has…

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Microsoft Azure Space and NASA complete maiden mission

Microsoft Students and mentors from the NASA and Azure Space hackathon met at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center Microsoft has completed its first ‘mission’ with NASA after concluding its STEM…

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Saudi Space Commission and NASA’s Kennedy Center cooperate to exchange expertise, technologies

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia’s stocks extended losses for another day on Wednesday, as oil prices continued to fall. The main TASI index fell 1 percent to 13,379 after it reached its…

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NASA: Tonga volcano eruption effects reached space

(NASA) – When the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha‘apai volcano erupted on Jan. 15, 2022, it sent atmospheric shock waves, sonic booms, and tsunami waves around the world. Now, scientists are finding…

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NASA Releases Ridiculously Sharp Webb Space Telescope Images

Stars and a cloud-like galaxy imaged by Webb Space Telescope. NASA held a press conference Monday morning to discuss the precise alignment of the Webb Space Telescope and the spacecraft’s…

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James Webb Space Telescope’s optical alignment “perfect,” NASA says

Four-and-a-half months after the James Webb Space Telescope‘s Christmas Day launch, engineers have achieved near-perfect alignment of its complex optical system, setting the stage for final instrument calibrations and the…

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