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Take-Two Interactive Software Inc TTWO CEO Strauss Zelnick introduced the idea of adjusting game prices based on the length and expected engagement during a financial call.

According to Insider Gaming, he expressed concern about game prices not accurately reflecting the extensive engagement they offer, stating: “Our frontline prices are still very, very low because we offer many hours of engagement.”

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Zelnick outlined an algorithm that calculated a game’s cost by considering the per-hour value multiplied by the anticipated play hours, along with the perceived value of ownership for the customer.

“The algorithm is the value of the expected entertainment usage, which is to say that the per-hour value times the number of expected hours plus the terminal value perceived by the customer in ownership,” the CEO said.

Zelnick highlighted instances where gamers play a purchased game extensively, suggesting it’s a great deal for players.

He cautioned publishers don’t have direct control over setting retail prices, implying potential challenges in implementing this pricing strategy.

As for the possible impact on the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6, he didn’t specify details. Considering the game’s expected immensity, it could potentially carry a higher price tag if it were to follow Zelnick’s logic.

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