Tech Tonic | Meta’s mixed reality strategy is inspired by Microsoft and Google | Windows

Meta’s strategy for mixed reality is smart. You may have missed it, and you cannot be blamed, since it’s been a summer that’s packed in quite a lot with big tech, and tech in general. It is not done yet, as more chapters remain to be written. But back to the point, and quite simply, Meta has decided to follow the Android and Windows model. To be almost everywhere, with something it still considers important – mixed reality. The basis for a world of the metaverse that it envisioned in haste and a wholesome rebrand for good effect. The silver lining is, that we can now at least call it Meta’s Facebook and not Facebook’s Facebook!

Many may have missed this, but as we embarked on the summer of 2024, Meta talked about something called the Meta Horizon OS, which is the mixed reality operating system (OS) that the company’s Quest headsets build on. Software, apps and functionality existed earlier too, except it is being put together in…


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