Tesla Cybertruck update 2024.14.3 Release Notes (Locking Differentials, Off-Road & Baja Modes, CyberTent, and more) | Cars & Technology

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Tesla (TSLA) started rolling out a big over-the-air (OTA) software update version 2024.14.3 to its Cybertruck fleet yesterday (complete release notes below).

This latest Cybertruck software update is focused on improving and adding to the truck’s off-roading capabilities. The 2024.14.3 update unleashes the Cybertruck’s potential as an ideal off-roading pickup truck.

The Cybertruck update 2024.14.3 also improves the towing and camping features of the truck. Tesla has released features such as Trail Assist, Ride and Handling with a Load, and CyberTent Mode to highlight the Cybertruck’s strengths in these areas.

The 2024.14.3 update also unlocks the Locking Differentials of the Cybertruck. The ability to lock the differentials was not active when Tesla shipped the Cybertrucks to its customers. Now Tesla Cybertruck owners can lock the differentials according to the type of terrain.

Let’s explore the Official Release Notes for the Cybertruck update 2024.14.3.

Cybertruck 2024.14.3 Release Notes

Locking Differentials

You can now engage the locking differentials. On uneven or slippery terrain, if a wheel has limited or no…

Source www.teslaoracle.com

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