Tesla FSD 12.3.X Is Over Three Times Better Than the Best FSD V11.X on Miles Per Disengagement | Science & Tech

Tesla FSD Tracker crowdsources data on the Tesla FSD driver experiences.

They are now recording 448 Miles between critical disengagements for Tesla FSD 12.3 Supervised. This is over three times better than the best results for any Tesla FSD v11.X and it is over four times better than any Tesla FSD v10.X.

The rate of improvement for Tesla version 12.X is happening in a few months and weeks while the 40% improvement for Tesla FSD v10.X to the last FSD v11.X was nearly three years.

The data for the later Tesla FSD v12.3.X needs some weeks to be entered. It would take a few weeks to five a few hundreds miles and to record higher distances without disengagement or with few disengagements. New FSD 12.3.X and FSD 12.4.X drivers will need to adjust and learn to have confidence in the Tesla FSD system.

It would take several months of driving for a system that actually had the ability to perform thousands of miles between interventions to have that data recorded.

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