Tesla is Testing Upcoming Robotaxi in Plain Sight Disguised as a Model 3 Near Its Engineering HQ – A “Refreshed Model 3” was Spotted Without Sideview Mirrors and Testing all New Camera Locations | Cars & Technology

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Elon Musk has bet Tesla’s future on the success of the company’s upcoming next-generation vehicle, the “Robotaxi.”

As the name suggests, the robotaxi will be a purpose-built, fully self-driving vehicle designed from the ground up for use in Tesla’s upcoming driverless ride-hailing service.

The main design goal for the Robotaxi is to minimize the cost per mile of a ride-hailing trip. The full self-driving capability bit will eliminate the system’s biggest cost, which is the human driver.

However, in addition to the self-driving tech, Tesla is working on several vehicle manufacturing and design breakthroughs that will further decrease the cost of production for the Robotaxi.

Tesla has outlined some of the robotaxi’s technological advancements in an exhaustive three-and-a-half-hour investor presentation. You…

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