Texas Man Arrested for Using Boarding Pass He Photographed Off Fellow Traveler’s Phone | Technology

A Texas man was arrested in Salt Lake City on Sunday after he was discovered roaming around on a Delta Air Lines flight without a designated seat to call his own. How did he get on the plane in the first place? The man allegedly photographed a fellow passenger’s boarding pass without their knowledge and successfully used it to board the flight.

But it’s not clear whether the boarding pass Fleurizard used to get through security was the same one he presented to actually get on the plane at the gate on Sunday. Court documents indicate authorities saw Fleurizard taking photos of “multiple passenger’s phones and/or boarding passes while they were not looking.” However, this activity was done “in the boarding area,” according to the documents, suggesting he got through TSA security by using a different boarding pass.

The court documents indicate a “minor female passenger” had an issue while trying to get on the flight out of Salt Lake. When her boarding pass was scanned “the system showed that she was already onboard.” The girl was traveling alone on a ticket purchased by her father, and surveillance footage at the airport allegedly showed Fleurizard photographing the girl’s phone.

The flight crew apparently noticed something was amiss immediately after Fleurizard boarded the flight and he tried to open the emergency equipment storage door. A flight attendant directed him to the bathroom, presumably because it appeared he was confused, and Fleurizard “spent a significant amount of time in the lavatory,”…

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