THC From Cannabis Could Linger in Breast Milk For a Long Time : ScienceAlert | Science

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Cannabis use among breastfeeding parents in the US is increasing, and yet it’s unclear how much of the drug ends up in breast milk, and for how long, let alone whether it’s safe for newborns.

A new observational study from the US has revealed THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the main psychoactive compound in cannabis, can be detected in breast milk even 12 hours after the mother last used the drug. But it’s difficult to know when levels peak.

Cannabis legalization and use have rapidly increased in the US, and the percentage of reproductive-aged women who consider the drug to pose no risk is on the rise.

A study by the same research team, published earlier this year, showed parents are turning to cannabis as an alternative treatment for common postnatal conditions like anxiety and chronic pain.

The team found the choice to use cannabis wasn’t taken lightly by parents, although it is not medically recommended. Research on how the drug impacts breastfeeding babies is scant, most likely due to stigma and the wider, long-term issue of mothers and breastfeeding people being excluded from clinical trials.

But since recreational and medical cannabis use is becoming more accepted, at least…


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