The 3 Most Undervalued Restaurant Stocks to Buy in May 2024 | Markets

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Looking for undervalued restaurant stocks? The trio boast innovative growth plans and strong analyst projections

Are you keeping an eye on undervalued restaurant stocks? In 2022, the full-service restaurant business was projected to have a global market size of $1.5 trillion. By 2030, it was predicted that this amount will increase to as much as $1.8 trillion, data from Statista shows. As a result, investors cannot ignore restaurant stocks, especially the ones with upside and strong ratings from analysts.

Against this backdrop, the first stock we’ll examine is slated for a historic 50-for-1 stock split, which will make its shares more accessible following record-breaking sales. Strategic acquisitions and a diverse portfolio that includes casual dining giants have helped the second business beat Wall Street’s predictions. Finally, an entertainment-focused eating chain is shaking up the industry by combining gaming and dining and expanding domestically and internationally.

Let’s dive in!

Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG)

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For stockholders of Chipotle Mexican Grill (NYSE:CMG), the upcoming stock split on June 25 is very exciting. After the split, shares will restart trading again on June 26.

The first 50-for-1 stock split in Chipotle’s 30-year history is meant to make shares more appealing to a wider range of…


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