The Adventures of Tom Thumb & Thumbelina Apple Movie

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For the first time ever, two tiny fairy tale legends meet in one fun-filled, action-packed musical adventure. Trying to find their way in a great big world, Tom Thumb and Thumbelina join forces and face towering odds in a remarkable journey to find their true home. When the comically conniving Mole King takes Thumbelina into his underground lair and tries to claim her as his wife, Tom must call upon his friends in the forest for a daring rescue. But Thumbelina already has escape plans of her own. It’s nonstop laughs and thrills as Tom and Thumbelina find excitement around every corner. Featuring a stellar cast of voice talent, including Elijah Wood, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Peter Gallagher, and Jon Stewart, plus six irresistible new songs. The Adventures of Tom Thumb and Thumbelina is a heartwarming story of courage, friendship and belonging. Perfect for the entire family!

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