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  • With winter inbound, it’s time to head south!
  • Welcome to Call of the Wild: The Angler’s latest reserve – Spain Reserve.
  • Find new fish species, take on new reserve activities, and make new friends in unspoilt scenery.

With the cold weather setting in, everyone here at Expansive Worlds is excited to invite you to fish in the beautiful Spanish hills.

Our latest reserve, Aguas Claras, is located in Andalusia, Spain, and is full of opportunities to explore. We’ve added new fish, new landscapes, and new activities, which we hope you’ll enjoy as much as we do.

New Fish – Eel ‘em in!

Anglers can find 16 distinct species, 11 of them being entirely new discoveries, unique to this DLC. Whether you’re keen to test your skill and your gear against the Andalusian Barbel or the European Eel, we’re sure you’ll find the challenge you’re looking for, especially if you’re lucky enough to come across a Mirror Carp – a real treat for all aspiring anglers.

On top of that, the free new Patch 1.4.0 that arrives alongside Spain Reserve introduces the Trophy Shot, a new feature in the reward screen that that allows you to frame your catch how you want, a Tune-up of the 4×4 vehicle, a Map Refresh to make each location more unique, and a Halloween Seasonal Event.

New environments

This fishing paradise has been separated from the outside world for some time, leaving you with an unspoiled landscape to explore. We’re especially keen to show you the unique biomes that the area around Aguas Claras has to offer. Check out the wild, untouched waterways, or their manmade equivalents, as well as caves and walkways. There’s a perfect fishing spot for everyone here.

New activities

Come for the fishing, stay for the friends!

Meet Daniel and Karim – the cheeky Shopkeeper and the vibrant Warden of Aguas Claras, who are ready to send you to exciting new areas, including an…

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