The Destiny 2 Pale Heart weapon god rolls I’m hunting in The Final Shape | Gaming

The new Destiny 2 expansion The Final Shape has plenty of awesome gear to chase, ranging from new drops in the world loot pool to refreshed Season of Dawn weapons and powerful Exotic armor pieces that play nicely with some of the best Prismatic builds as well as other popular setups. The weapons that interest me the most, though, are the special new destination weapons obtainable while in the Traveler’s Pale Heart.

There are eight of these in total, and each one can drop from The Final Shape campaign, various activities completed in the Pale Heart, and finished Pale Heart Pathfinder objectives (these have replaced many of Destiny 2’s bounties). They’re also craftable, which means once you get five Deepsight “red border” versions of a weapon to drop, you can level and craft one with the exact perks you want at the Enclave that was introduced in The Witch Queen DLC.


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